Hello world!

My name is Kesha and I live and work in the greater Atlanta area… for now. By day I’m a corporate income tax accountant and by night I’m a… well, I’m still a tax accountant but also now a blogger. This blog is going to be about maintaining and growing my natural hair and finding my personal fashion style. I’ll share my experiences, both good and bad, with the hope that I will be able help somebody that is going along on at least one of these journeys with me.

A little bit about each of my journeys:


Natural hair has been a passion of mine since I began unofficially transitioning years ago. I’m not a part of the natural hair police brigade, I think telling women they must wear their hair naturally is just as damaging as telling them it needs to be straight. The message I do hope to spread is that however you choose to rock your hair, let it be for the right reasons! Just know that your natural hair is beautiful. It wasn’t until I became a part of #teamnatural that I realized the truly damaging views we have about our own beauty.


I’ve never proclaimed to be a fashionista but I do know what looks good. Over the last year or so I’ve found myself wanting to venture out into the fashion world a little bit more, and leave the “plain” wardrobe behind. I often look at myself in the mirror and am disappointed in my outfit. In this part of the blog I will share the successes and failures I encounter and I build my grown up wardrobe.