Natural Hair Length Check


You might be wondering why in the heezy I’m looking so crazy in my picture.

Ever since I decided to officially give up the creamy crack, I’ve had this goal to get my natural hair to waist length (in addition to keeping it healthy, of course). This is definitely a lofty goal, since my hair has never in no way, shape, or form ever in life been anywhere even close to even imagining it was ever waist length when it was relaxed. However, I’m positive that with the right care, I can get my natural hair to grow to waist length – it just might take some time. I know it won’t happen overnight.

In the two (plus) years that I’ve been natural, I’ve only been keeping track of my growth visually. I’ve never done a length check. I can tell it’s growing, but I’ve kind of always wanted to know exactly (or roughly, since it’s not straightened) how long it is. If you’re on a growth journey, I think it’s important to keep track of the length of your hair other than visually. Otherwise, how will you see the progress?

It amazes me that even with natural hair being as popular as it is now (with even folks with naturally straight talking about their “fros”… #sideeye) people still think that natural hair can’t grow. My natural hair is already longer when it’s stretched than it was when it was relaxed. As long has natural hair is healthy… it can grow!

So that brings me to this picture. I prepped my hair for my length check by pulling it all up into a pony, then pulling out small sections of hair on each side, at the top, and at the back. I looked pretty crazy, so naturally I did what any sane person would do… I took a picture of myself.

Right. On to the length check!

Right temple came to almost 8 inches. Whoop whoop!
Kind of hard to see but the top came to about 8.5 inches! Really closer to 9 inches but I’m trying to be conservative. It’s the accountant in me.
Left temple came to just past 7 inches, close to 7.5.



Another good way to keep track of the length of your natural hair (or relaxed hair) is to see where it lands on your body.

natural nair, length check
Left temple comes to my collar bone.
natural hair, length check
Also comes to my collar bone.
natural hair, length check
From the tippy top of my head to my chin!
natural hair, length check
Pulled from the back to the front, hits at the collar bone.


I plan on doing length checks every three or six months to keep up with the growth progress. I think it will be awesome to see how my hair changes over time! If you like this post and want to see more posts like it, let me know in the comments and/or like this post by hitting the thumbs up button above the social media buttons!

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“I love my natural hair because it is a gift that we as black women have.” – Lola Atobatale